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EVO 165 N lifejacket

Cruising & blue water sailing.

Enhanced comfort and total mobility.

  • Buoyancy : Rated 150 N, actual buoyancy 165 N (33 g CO² gas bottle).
  • Outer shell ergonomic design : short cut on chest combined with rounded shape provide superior comfort and mobility. Very easy donning. Foam padded patch on stomach, integrated to waist belt. Flexible and hardwearing material. 
  • Visibility of inflated jacket : yellow air chamber + 300 cm² retro-reflecting tapes. 
  • Backstrap, 40 mm polypropylene : ensures perfect body fit when lifejacket is inflated. 
  • Viewing window helps monitor status of firing mechanism, on automatic Pro-Sensor and Hammar hydrostatic models.
  • Grid patch on Hammar models accelerates the water entry to trigger the firing head quicker and ensure a prompt deployment of the air chamber. 

ISO 9650-1 Transocean liferaft

Designed for navigation in extreme conditions : large capacity and quantity of ballast pockets, large area drogue anchors, -15°C inflation temperature (group A), double insulating floor, fluo orange canopy with automatically erecting arch tube, 4.3 cd. outside light and retro-reflecting stripes.

The Transocean ISO 9650-1 also features a ballasted reversible ladder and grab handle to ease embarking This system allows the victim to hoist himself up on the ladder and then topple easily into the raft.
Should the liferaft inflate upside down, the boarding ladder simply reverts, to allow the victim to pull himself on the capsized liferaft and make it easier to turn over the raft in its natural position.

Two types of survival equipment packs are available, depending on the expected time that the victim may spend in the raft waiting for the rescue teams : the emergency pack includes water and food (rescue forces expected after 24 hours) and a standard pack (rescue forces expected within 24 hours)
The survival pack can be completed with a grab bag.

Vertical windlasses

Designed for yachts from 6 to 10 m (19 to 33 ft), the Plastimo vertical windlasses are available in low profile version or with drum, and in 3 powers : 500, 700 & 1000 W.
Features : 

  • gypsy for chain Ø6 or 8 mm - ISO 4565 & DIN 766 - 3-strand rope Ø10 to 12 mm,
  • control box up/down, supplied as standard,
  • sensor (supplied as standard) for chain counter.

Tender with folding rigid hull

V-type rigid hull tender for fast cruising and stability.

Folding tender, compact and transport friendly.
  • Material : 1100 Decitex PVC fabric
  • Polyester hu

Offshore® 55 compass

Ideal on small size power boats up to 6 m (20 ft).

Bracket-mount : Large stable base absorbs vibrations, simply screwed on dashboard.

Card : Contributes to safety and provides reliable reading, whatever the ambiant light and weather/navigation conditions (conical card, perfectly stable, 55 mm apparent diameter).

Moulded-in notch to visualise heading easily.

Materials : All parts fully UV-ray treated. Scratch resistant dome.

Watertight construction : One-piece moulded flange and bowl. Diaphragm for absolute watertightness.

Iris® 50 compass

An iconic product in the Plastimo range, the Iris 50 is the highly dependable companion of yachtsmen, regatta addicts and professional racers worldwide.
It is regularly praised by technical press and prestigious skippers alike, as the most reliable, sturdy and handy handbearing compass.
• Good protection against hard knocks :
the smooth finish feels soft in your hand, and it will not slip, even if it is wet.
• Outstanding legibility
of the card, with one-degree graduations.
• No parallax error : a prism projects the reading of the bearing to infinity. This also contributes to a more comfortable operation, as you do not need to alternate close-reading to read the card and infinite-reading to take bearings.
• Optimum conditions to take bearings, thanks to the superb card stability and the wide 20° field of view, which will accommodate the roughest sea conditions.
• Most accurate bearing : the pivot and very hard stone are a guarantee of long life and shock resistance of your compass.
• Soft bottom cell : engineered using ultra-sonic welding, it acts like an expansion diaphragm, preventing the formation of bubbles and leaks.
• Built-in photoluminescent lighting, completely maintenance-free, impervious to corrosion, operates without batteries or radio-active tritium.
• Course reading from above the compass : you can read your compass like a standard compass, with no need to look through the prism.

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Plastimo is the partner of  prestigious racers, demanding boat builders and safety conscious yachtsmen. Just go boating and enjoy it, Plastimo takes care of the safety of skipper and crew : liferafts, buoys, harnesses and lifejackets, MOB rescue systems, seawear and foul weather jackets.

For mooring or docking, Plastimo proposes anchors and windlasses, fenders and mooring buoys, inflatable tenders, ladders and platforms, marine hardware and deck fittings.
And the legendary Plastimo magnetic compasses will keep you on the right course no matter what : Happy Boating To You !