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Crewmedic first aid set

Packed in a soft and water resistant pouch, the Crewmedic first-aid kits has been elaborated to provide the essential first care equipment during the vital minutes following an accident, before the arrival of the nearest rescue teams. Available in 3 versions: 30, 60 or 180 minutes.

Each model floats, is water resistant and features a very handy hanging lanyard.

First aid kits

Plastic case, very resistant..

Anti-seasickness wrist band

Natural method to provide effective nausea control for sufferers from seasickness. Based on acupressure principle (acupunture without needles), no side effects.

First aid kits

Recommended for use on coastal and offshore cruisers.
Contents allows the crew to deal with most first aid incidents.
Can be completed with additional utensils and medicine as the skipper feels appropriate, in relation to the navigation programme.