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Passive radar reflectors

Made of reflective aluminium sheets enclosed in a polyethylene case.
A symmetrical arrangement of interacting corners generates an echo with the largest possible reflective area, whatever the angle.
Mast mounting or halyard hoist.

Octahedral type radar reflectors

Aluminium models, fold flat for easy storage. Include one ISAF/ORC model

Tube-type radar reflectors

Clever shape : creates minimum windage and also less chafe on gear.

Inflatable radar reflector

Inflatable : lightweight and compact. Ideal on liferafts and rescue boats.




Stainless steel flush mount bracket

Flush mount bracket for active radar reflector.

Stainless steel mast mount bracket

Mast mount bracket for active radar reflector.

Active radar reflectors

The reflector amplifies and re-transmits the radar signal it receives. By emitting an amplified signal, the reflector drastically improves the detection range and reduces the risk of collision.
Two models are available : the Active-X reflector, designed to respond to S-band radar pulses and the Active-XS model responding to X and S-band radar pulses.
Each model is delivered with an antenna, a 24-m connection cable, and a control box which incorporates both LED and switchable audible alarms.