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Elles l'ont fait ! 2 sessions de 200 femmes #TrekEllesMarchent viennent de réaliser leur défi dans le désert marocain, guidées par leur seul #Compas #Plastimo, carte et #RègleNavigation #Topoplastic #MadeInLorient ! bravo à toutes
@4matelots: 4 french students in engineering school 🎓⠀
They will make - well-equipped - a sailing Atlantic circuit to improve access to energy in remote areas 💡⠀
#Partner #Activseawear #Pilot165 #Tethers #Anchor #Plastimo #HappyBoatingToYou
Tadaaaaam ✨
Merci @Lgrandlarge pour cette belle affiche !
RDV le 12 avril pour le top départ 🔜
[ P A R T N E R S H I P ]
Today we are pleased to introduce 4 matelots pleins d'énergie - un projet IMAGO :
Charlotte, Paul, Côme et Camille, french students in an engineering school. 🎓
🥇 #Womenscup : La Galerne⠀
👏👏 G I R L S !⠀
Thanks @apccvoilesportive for this great weekend⠀
🎁 Pink #iris50 very limited edition 💕

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On the right course for over 50 years

Plastimo is the partner of  prestigious racers, demanding boat builders and safety conscious yachtsmen.

Just go boating and enjoy it, Plastimo takes care of the safety of skipper and crew : liferafts, buoys, harnesses and lifejackets, MOB rescue systems, seawear and foul weather jackets.

For mooring or docking, Plastimo proposes anchors and windlasses, fenders and mooring buoys, inflatable tenders, ladders and platforms, marine hardware and deck fittings.
And the legendary Plastimo magnetic compasses will keep you on the right course no matter what : Happy Boating To You !

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