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All the best to @DongfengRacing @volvooceanrace from @Plastimo and @LorientAgglo fanclub. Hang on to the top of the scoreboard and let history repeat itself : take a win in Newport ! Photo @_samgreenfield_
All the best from Plastimo to Dongfeng Race Team - 东风队 in Volvo Ocean Race in Volvo Ocean Race : come on guys, hold on to the top of the scoreboard.
Great performance so far, let history repeat itself on ...
Plastimo Lorient Mini 6.50
© Thomas Deregnieaux / PLM650
Plastimo updated their cover photo.
Bravissimo Andrea Pendibene & Giovanna Valsecchi ! #ProudSafetyPartner
VALSECCHI & PENDIBENE, IL GRAND PRIX È VOSTRO! - Il Grand Prix d'Italie dello Yacht Club Italiano è vinto da Pegaso ITA 883 Marina Militare e dai due marinai inscindibili degli ultimi ...
La saison de navigation approche... que diriez-vous d'un #antifouling facile à choisir, facile appliquer et... performant, bien sûr ! (re)-découvrez la gamme @Plastimo , complètement re-visitée pour mise en conformité avec la nouvelle norme BPR applicable en 2018
Clap de fin sur #PLM650 @Lgrandlarge @ClasseMini... au moins pour cette année :-) Mais il se passe toujours qq chose sur l'eau à @LorientAgglo : ce WE 15 Avril, c'est raid en #paddle de #PontScorff à la mer. Merci #CentreNautiqueLorient ...

On the right course for over 50 years

Plastimo is the partner of  prestigious racers, demanding boat builders and safety conscious yachtsmen.

Just go boating and enjoy it, Plastimo takes care of the safety of skipper and crew : liferafts, buoys, harnesses and lifejackets, MOB rescue systems, seawear and foul weather jackets.

For mooring or docking, Plastimo proposes anchors and windlasses, fenders and mooring buoys, inflatable tenders, ladders and platforms, marine hardware and deck fittings.
And the legendary Plastimo magnetic compasses will keep you on the right course no matter what : Happy Boating To You !

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Copyrights: Th. Martinez/Sea&Co (Isabelle Joshke, skipper Générali Horizon Mixité), B.Leglatin (bumper and cyalume), Team Banque Populaire / BPCE (Armel Le Cléac'h).