Tifiz GPS tracker

Ref: 65035

Enjoy safe paddle riding or kayak touring with Tifiz GPS tracker and provide peace of mind to your family or friends.  

Ideal for seaside activities up to 5 NM, Tifiz geolocates at any time a person or object from a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer.

Waterproof IP67, floating
1-year subscription included.

Ideal add-on accessory to a lifejacket, for use in seaside activities


Compact, waterproof and rugged, Tifiz tracker is the perfect companion for your outdoor activities : boating, kayak, sea-wading, kite-surf, hiking… Tifiz can be fixed on a garment or object. It requires ultra low power and operates using the Sigfox* network with a 1-year run-time and no need for a SIM card.

3 functions :

  • Follow the distance path and track a person or animal.
    Location updated every 10 minutes with track history available on My Tifiz  application or on
  • Track an equipmentwhichcanmove or bestolen :
    boat engine, bike, scooter, boat fleet… Set up the surveillance perimeter between 250 m and 5 km, and you will be warned as soon as Tifiz goes beyond this perimeter.
  • Send an SMS alert: the Tifiz holder can activate an SMS alert to indicate his/her position to a friend.


Features :

  • Waterproof : IP 67
  • IOS or Android applications.
  • Easy to activate (Long press of 5 seconds).
  • Features a strap to attach the tracker anywhere
  • Includes a CR123 battery – can be replaced by user.
  • Weight : 45 gr.

How does it work ?

  • Create your personal account on or with My Tifiz application
  • Activate or renew your subscription.
  • Add, name and configure your Tifiz tracker(s) : 1 mobile phone number for SMS alert, actual text message, e-mail address (2 maximum), surveillance perimeter…
  • Activate your tracker (press the Tifiz button for 2 seconds)
  • Test the Tifiz tracker connectivity with the Sigfox network.

What do I need ?

A smartphone (IOS or Android) or a tablet or a computer with Internet connection or a basic mobile phone provided it can receive an SMS (with basic phone, only alert message is available without geolocation).

1- Alert button-SMS
2-Red/Green Leds
3-Slot for strap