Safelink R10 PLB with AIS

Ref: 60875

The SRS (Survivor Recovery System) AIS is an innovative personal safety device developed to assist with recovery of persons in difficulty at sea.
Incorporating both AIS and GPS technologies, the beacon is manually activated, transmits a unique and structured alert message and exact GPS position to the survivor.


How Safelink R 10 works :

  • Activated manually in an emergency situation
  • An alert message is transmitted to all AIS receivers and AIS enabled chart plotters within a 4 NM radius (typical)
  • Precise target survivor information including GPS position becomes viewable when the chart plotter cursor is positioned over the icon.
  • Provides exact location, distance and bearing to locate person(s) in need of assistance.

Includes buoyant pouch.

  • Buoyant
  • Activation : manual.
  • Battery type : 6 V lithium metal.
  • Battery lifetime : 7 years.
  • Weight : 120 g.
  • Dimensions : L 123 x W 45 x Th. 25 mm.
  • Buzzer.
  • Reception frequency : Channel 1 : 161.975 MHz - Channel 2 : 162.025 MHz.
  • Unique serialised ID : Serial.
  • Updated GPS position : every minute.
  • Watertightness : Water resistant to 5 m.
  • Operating temperature : -20°C/+55°C.
  • Storage temperature : -30°C/+70°C.
  • Power : 2 W.
  • 4 NM radius.
  • Emits for 24 hours minimum.

Accurate target survivor information in GPS position form and, if your chartplotter configuration allows it, in icons form.

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