Quick Cleat Stainless Steel 540 kg

Ref: 67730

Barton® Quick Cleat made of stainless steel

For ropes from a 6 to 10 mm diameter

Safe working load : until 540 kg


This Barton® Quick Cleat is made of  316 grade stainless steel. This heavy duty version can be setted on a boat or a deckwith two screws (not included).

It is suitable for marina use, larger ships and yachts, catamarans, workboats, fishing boats... to hold marine and boat gear safely. 

The Quick Cleat takes the stress out of tying knots. It can grip or release a rope from Ø6 to 10 mm.

Barton® Quick Cleat are available for other uses : 

- Quick Cleat 30 et 70 kg (ref. 67727 et 67729), ideal for kayaks for example 

- A Quick Cleat with RIB patch for inflatables (Hypalons) (réf. 67728)