EZ Air compact venting system

Ref: 67800

The EZ Air ventilation system was developed by our Plastimo R & D team in collaboration with the most prestigious European boatbuilders. The EZ Air unit completes the EZ Water and EZ Elec range with a new ventilation system for engine compartments.

Using the same clever EZ mounting system with many innovative features: a compact system for easier installation and space saving solution compared to standard ventilation systems.


• Leak-proof with the non-return valve.
• Increased fresh air supply for the engine while limiting pressure drops.
• Compact, reduces the size of the installation.

Benefits for boat-builders:
• Easier fan positioning.
• Simplified cockpit architecture.
• Space saving through lower downstream height.
• Limited impact on ISO stability criteria.
• Faster implementation with productivity gain on the assembly line.

Application areas:
• Engine and fuel tank compartments.
• Compartments requiring a condensation prevention system.

Conformity :
• ISO12216: Deck panel sealing in Zone 1 (§4.4.1).
• IMCI (International Marine Certification Institute).

Can be mounted as required with a straight or elbow connector in combination with the various EZ Air options available.

The connector must be combined with the EZ Air system.
The connector can be used independently of the EZ Air system for other applications.
The external helical braid hose is fastened with the patented Plastimo clamping nut.

Plastimo tips & tricks

Compatible with Plastimo bilge blower, (Requires sleeve ref 67307).