Jumbo regatta mark buoy

Ref: 40266

Aimed at large yachts, the 3.20 m high Jumbo mark buoy can be easily spotted even from a distance.
Its PVC 1100 Decitex construction makes it very resistant to handling and to potential collisions with boats.
Can be ballasted according to sea and wind conditions, thanks to 3 reinforced attachment D-rings at the base of the buoy.

  • 5 grab handles facilitate handling.
  • Fitted with 3 pockets (H 60 x W 90 cm) for logo or advertisement display.
  • 2 D-rings for flag attachment at the top of the buoy.
  • Compact when deflated.


  • Dimensions when folded : 1 m x 40 cm x 20 cm.
  • Dimensions when inflated : 
    Height 3.20 m. Length (triangular base) : 2 m. Cylinder diameter (top part of the buoy) : 60 cm.
  • Weight : 16 kg.
  • Inflation : 20 min. with electric inflator. 1/4 turn valve (Halkey Roberts type) accomodates most pumps.

Reinforced attachment D-rings.

Flag attachment D-rings.