Silzig MOB buoy/harness

Ref: 65559

Complete rescue gear : bridges casualty to the boat, provides buoyancy and helps hoisting casualty back aboard.

Quick set-up, ideal in the event of a man over board.

Slim, flexible and compact, easy to store on board : always close at hand and ready for use, Silzig fits ideally along the guardrail, on the transom or neatly inside a RIB along tube and floor.


  • Buoyancy 142.2 N
  • Cylindrical buoy is hydrodynamic and makes hauling easier
  • Length 200 cm, interior diameter 8 cm
  • Harness-webbing on full length, with 40 mm polyester loop at one end and a Wichard hook at the other end.
  • Outside cover in 650 g/m² coated polyester
  • 2 rigid handles (50 mm tubular polyester webbing) facilitate grabbing by onboard crew to hoist casualty back on board.
  • Weight : 1.5 kg