Bumper 1/2

Whether you sail shorthanded or singlehanded, whether you are a beginner or a confirmed skipper, the Bumper will take away some “emotional” moments when approaching the pontoon, in particular when the wind blows hard and currents are unkind !
The Bumper is a really efficient fender, to be fixed on the pontoon ; according to its location, it provides efficient protection to the bow and amidships. Suitable for all
pontoon or catway shapes : square or round end pontoon. Sturdy construction, from rotomoulded PVC, UV-ray protected. Registered design.

Max. pressure : 0.10 bar / 1.45 psi


Ref. Model Dimensions
38558 Standard, WHITE Ø 18 x 40 cm
39358 Standard, BLUE Ø 18 x 40 cm
38068 Standard, WHITE Ø 25 x 90 cm
39356 Standard, BLUE Ø 25 x 90 cm
39362 Foam-filled, WHITE Ø 25 x 90 cm


  BUMPER Standard BUMPER moussé
Modèle Blanc Bleu Blanc
Ø 18 x 40 cm 38558 39358 -
Ø 25 x 90 cm 38068 39356 39362

The Bumper filled with foam is ideal for boats from 9 m
and is also recommended for very busy pontoons
(such as the technical pontoon : fuel and water

Technical documentation & diagrams

Plastimo tips & tricks

A bow Bumper really facilitates dock
manoeuvres, and a second Bumper
amidships protects efficiently against shocks.