Chandlery, Maintenance & Paint
Chandlery, Maintenance & Paint

The prerequisite for happy boating and years of service : dry docking, maintenance and paint. Antifouling, anodes, cleaners and washing accessories, padlocks and anti-theft devices, and a host of cabin hardware bits and bobs (locks, handles, hinges…). 

Range overview

Repair & filling

Multi-purpose tape

The ideal all-rounder tape : repair, protection, waterproofing, strengthening...

Keelshield, keel wear pad

RIB's, jet-skis, rigid hull tenders, fast day boats : strong protection for keel and bow from abrasion and scratches.

Gator patch (cure & protection)

Fibreglass reinforced polyester patch : a quick and permanent solution for repair and protection on all surfaces.

Creeping Crack Cure liquid sealant

Miquid copolymer sealant : fills small cracks and delivers invisible repairs on most materials. 

Finishing filler

Finishing filler.

Lamination resin

Pour recouvrement et moulage. Résine pré-accélérée + durcisseur.

Polyester filler

Polyester compound, fibre-glass reinforced. For holes and cracks 1 to 8 mm.

Teak Wonder - Wood maintenance

Teak whitener and brightener. Eliminates the grey aspect of weathered teak on your deck and restores the golden colour of new teak. The treatment only takes a few minutes and, unlike sanding, does not remove any of the wood. Its components are neither aggressive nor caustic, and do not damage rubber, paint, varnish or hardware.

Teak Wonder Dressing-Sealer - Wood maintenance

Allows teak to keep its golden appearance without daily washing with fresh water. Silicone based. It fills the wood pores, preventing penetration of dust and grime responsible for darkening the wood. Protects wood from ultraviolet rays causing oxidation and discolouration. Slows down the penetration of oil, fuel, fish blood, etc. No unpleasant odours, does not become shiny, slippery or sticky, dries quickly, does not burnish or whiten.

Silicone-free polish

Polishing paste with protective wax. Anti-static

Multi-purpose repair kit

Multi-purpose repair kit (resin, fibre glass sheet, hardener).

Fibreglass cloth

2 models : non woven fibreglass or extra resistant Roving™.