Antifouling thinner : suitable for Plastimo antifoulings and Underwater primer.

Epoxy thinner : suitable for Plastimo Epoxy primer.


Ref. Description Model Capacity
54877 Antifouling thinner Antifouling 5 L
54878 Epoxy thinner Epoxy 1 L


Antifouling thinner Epoxy thinner
1 L 54876 54878
5 L 54877 -
Description Thinner suitable for Plastimo antifoulings and Underwater primer. Also recommended for cleaning tools. Thinner suitable for Plastimo Epoxy primer. Also recommended for cleaning tools and degreasing the surface.

Plastimo tips & tricks

Antifouling are dangerous classified products. Use biocides with care.
Always read the label before use for information on the product.
Follow carefully the instructions for use.