Chandlery, Maintenance & Paint
Chandlery, Maintenance & Paint

The prerequisite for happy boating and years of service : dry docking, maintenance and paint. Antifouling, anodes, cleaners and washing accessories, padlocks and anti-theft devices, and a host of cabin hardware bits and bobs (locks, handles, hinges…). 

Range overview

Swobbit boat cleaning

Chenille micro fibre mitt

Super-soft chenille fibre for gentle cleaning. Holds plenty of soap and water. Size : 23 x 28 cm. Elastic cuff.

Uni-snap with synthetic bonnet

Suitable for use with Perfect Pole™.
Dual-axis swivel head adjustable to 180° to follow curves and contours.
Safe for paint, gelcoat, fibreglass, windows, showers…

Drying mop with strips

Suitable for use with Perfect Pole™.
For quick and delicate deck, fiberglass or painted surface drying, without fluff or scratches . Not intended for cleaning or scrubbing.
Not affected by mildew, cleaning chemicals or fuel.


Non-woven scrub pads

Ideal for cleaning of teak, non-skid and other surfaces. Suitable for use with the Dual-Axis swivel plate. Dimensions: 25.4 x 10 x 2.5 cm (L x w x thick.)

Cotton terry towels

Designed for a variety of uses onboard. Extra soft and absorbent, 100 % cotton, washable

Quick Dry water blade

Made from soft silicone to avoid scratches.
Patented T-bar edge whisking away water in one pass.

Deck brushes

Range of deck brushes adjustable on Perfect Pole telescopic poles. Moulded polyethylene block, not affected by UV, shocks and mildew.

Spun lace mop

Highly absorbent and durable drying material, featuring spun lace viscose fibres. 33% more absorbent than cotton. Use with the Perfect Pole, for drying only.

Synthetic wash mitt

Heavy duty synthetic mitt for a gently wash. Oversized, holds plenty of cleaning solution. Elastic cuff and hang tag.

Terry microfibre towels

Designed for multi-purpose cleaning of various surfaces. Can be used wet or dry, without chemicals. Dimensions : 30 x 30 cm.
Pack of 8. 


Deluxe watercraft cleaning kit

Includes : 
  • Perfect Pole telescopic handle (ref. 56214),
  • Uni-snap with synthetic bonnet (ref. 186703),
  • Adjustable water blade adapter (ref. 186705),
  • 35 cm Quick Dry water blade (ref. 186707),
  • Universal boat hook (ref. 186719),
  • Soft flagged brush (ref. 56216),
  • Drying mop with strips (ref. 186710),
  • PVA cloth (ref. 186711),
  • Sheepskin wash mitt,
  • Terry micro fibre towel,
  • Cleaning set carrying bag.
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