Chandlery, Maintenance & Paint
Chandlery, Maintenance & Paint

The prerequisite for happy boating and years of service : dry docking, maintenance and paint. Antifouling, anodes, cleaners and washing accessories, padlocks and anti-theft devices, and a host of cabin hardware bits and bobs (locks, handles, hinges…). 


Deck brushes

Range of deck brushes adjustable on Perfect Pole telescopic poles. Moulded polyethylene block, not affected by UV, shocks and mildew.

Uni-snap with synthetic bonnet

Suitable for use with Perfect Pole™.
Dual-axis swivel head adjustable to 180° to follow curves and contours.
Safe for paint, gelcoat, fibreglass, windows, showers…

Quick Dry water blade

Made from soft silicone to avoid scratches.
Patented T-bar edge whisking away water in one pass.

Silicone collapsible bucket

Silicone bucket, 7.2 L capacity. Height when deployed 19.5 cm.

Collapsible bucket

25cm diameter collapsible bucket with stainless steel handle. Zippered storage cover. Coated and sealed acrylic fabric.

DipDeck brush

"DipDeck" brush from Scrubbis®, to clean the boat's deck with sea water

Waterline brush

Scrubbis® brush for the waterline cleaning

Scrubbis® groovy head

Scrubbis® grooving cleaning head for the hull

Scrubbis® Telescopic handle

Scrubbis® Telescopic handle, to fit all mooring or cleaning accessories

Cleaning head

Tête de rechange pour kit . Livrée avec grattoirs souples et rigides

Spare parts for Scrubbis® hull cleaning kit. Delivered with soft scrapers and a hard scraper.

Hull cleaning kit

Cleaning kit to clean your boat hull from fouling like seagrass, algae

Poignées Ventouse

Modèle professionnel utilisé par les vitriers. Très efficace pour se tenir contre la coque lors du nettoyage de la ligne de flottaison ou pour effectuer des petits travaux sur la coque.

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