Deck brushes

Range of deck brushes adjustable on Perfect Pole telescopic poles. Moulded polyethylene block, not affected by UV, shocks and mildew.


Ref. Model
56216 Soft flagged brush
56217 Medium brush
56218 Stiff brush
56215 Extra soft brush


Ref.  Use Comments
56215  For delicate finishes : paint,
fibreglass, gelcoat…

Not for use with acid or alcohol.

56216 Suitable for paint and fibreglass.
Ideal for covers, awnings,
56217 Ideal for non-skid surfaces,
covers, awnings, cushions or
other textured surfaces. 
56218 Suitable for heavy duty cleaning
and heavily stained surfaces :
non-skid and teak decks… 
Safe for use with detergents and mid-acid cleaners.