Hull cleaning kit

Ref: 67732

An efficiency-cleaning and maintain for your boat's hull !
Full cleaning kit with cleaning head, telescopic handle, extension pipe and bent pipe.


Clean and remove easily the fooling with this cleaning kit.
Its tools will help you to clean the hull underwater. Included in the set :

- a cleaning head with built-in buoyancy that pushes up against the hull. Its rubber scratch-strips (with soft and hard scrapers) removes invisible slime and marine growth like seagrass, sea tulips,...

- a telescopic handle made of anodized aluminium (length : 210 cm)

- an extension pipe (length : 320 cm) which helps to clean the keel of sailboats

- a bent pipe

The cleaning kit is entirely foldable, easy to store in the boat.

The telescopic pipe fits with others Scrubbis® tools.

Thanks to a regular cleaning of the hull, your boat will go faster and consume less fuel.

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