Offshore signal kit

Ref: 61695

Contains :
•3 red hand flares
•2 parachute rockets
•2 buoyant smokes

(contents compliant with French regulation)



Distress signals and flares are safety products : they must be used with the utmost care and only in an emergency at sea.
Always point signals and flares outboard / downwind. Do not point at people.
Do not use if damaged or dented. Do not use after expiry date.
Store in a dry place, easily accessible and away from source of heat.
Read instructions carefully before use.

Distress signals and flares must be used with precaution :

  • Wear protection gloves before you pull the ignition system
  • Never point a distress flare at a person
  • Hold the flare downwind at arm's length above the water
  • Do not look at the burning flare, turn your head
  • When burning is over, put it in a bucket of water to cool down. Keep it on board until you bring it back to a bespoke collection station.
  • Never use a flare that has past its expiry date.

Plastimo tips & tricks

Safe disposal of marine distress signals and flares

Plastimo is committed to preserving the health and safety of people as well as the environment.
Time expired or used marine pyrotechnics must be disposed of in strict compliance with local regulations.
Plastimo recommends that you contact your local council or maritime rescue co-ordination centre, to be informed of the rules in force locally and the disposal facilities available.