Contest 101 compass

Sailboats 9 m and above (30 ft +).
The No. 1 sailboat compass worldwide : double reading, large crisp card and great looks in cockpit.
The Contest 101 is the benchmark-compass in the Plastimo range : millions of yachtsmen worldwide keep on the right course with their Contest compass.
Its exclusive mounting possibilities allow installation on all bulkheads, whatever the thickness.

Double reading : invented by Plastimo and still the favourite of millions of yachtsmen who appreciate to follow the course at all times, both from cockpit and cabin sides.

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Mounting Compass colour Card Ref.
Vertical bulkhead BLACK Red 64416
Vertical bulkhead BLACK Black 64421
Vertical bulkhead WHITE Red 64417
Vertical bulkhead WHITE White 64423
10-25° tilted bulkhead BLACK Red 64418
10-25° tilted bulkhead BLACK Black 64422
10-25° tilted bulkhead WHITE Red 64419
10-25° tilted bulkhead WHITE White 64424

WORLD balance, around the world with one single compass.
Double-dip compass designed to operate accurately in both Northern and Southern hemispheres.


Double reading : from cockpit and cabin sides.

Card : vertical and horizontal graduation so that course reading is equally easy, no matter whether you steer sitting or standing. 

3 lubber lines for dependable readings even when steering windward

 CONTEST®  101
Boat size Sailboats 9 m and above (30 ft +) 
Double reading From cockpit and cabin.
Compass card

Double graduation : horizontal and vertical.
Conical card, graduated every 5°, apparent Ø 100 mm.
Heading numerals every 30°.

Mounting Comes as standard in a bulkhead version (vertical or 10-25° inclined bulkhead).
Can be mast-mounted with the addition of optional mast-mounting kit.
Lubber lines 3 lubber lines, at 45°.
Heelmeter Graduated every 10°.
Compensation Optional.
Lighting 12-24 V LED.
Supplied with Protection cover, drilling template, back flange for neat installation from cabin side
Homologation ISO 25862 compliant

Assembly is totally watertight
• Exclusive installation design allows the compass to fit any bulkhead, vertical or inclined up to 25° front tilt (either by screwing from cockpit side, or by screwing from the cabin side, as anti-theft security.
• Fits any bulkhead thickness :
  - Regular bulkhead thickness (up to 40 mm) : compass is secured with threaded rods.
  - Thick or double bulkhead : compass is secured with screws on both sides of the bulkhead.

Supplied with black flange for neat installation from cabin side.

• All parts fully UV-ray treated.
• Scratch resistant dome.

Simply swap them without any new hole, and without any tooling : the Contest 101 has the same mounting footprint as the Contest 100 .

Every compass card is balanced manually to ensure its perfect horizontality.
This is an extremely delicate operation, requiring patient and scrupulous craftsmanship which only years of experience can bring.


Technical documentation & diagrams

  • Contest 101 - technical zooms Contest 101 - technical zooms Download

Plastimo tips & tricks

The model for inclined bulkhead is designed for a bulkhead tilted by 10 to 25° from vertical.
The card remains fully efficient, even with a very high angle of pitch..

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