Olympic 135 Open compass

Sail or poweryachts 9 m and above (30 ft+).

Ideal on sail or power catamarans.
Flushmount compass for deck or dashboard, or steering wheel pedestal. 
Sunshield allows perfect card visibility from more than 200° viewing angle.

SOLAS-MED approved : equally suitable for professional fishing boats & commercial vessels.

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Model Mounting Card Ref.
OLYMPIC 135 OPEN Flushmount or Pedestal Red card 65523
OLYMPIC 135 OPEN Flushmount or Pedestal Black card 65514

To obtain a binnacle-mount compass, please order a flushmount compass AND a binnacle (white plastic binnacle ref. 10300).

WORLD BALANCE : around the world with one single compass.
Double-dip compass designed to operate accurately in both Northern and Southern hemispheres.



Boat size Yachts  -sailing and power-  over 9 m (30 ft)
Card Flat card graduated every 5°, apparent Ø 130 mm
Mounting Flushmount on horizontal surface or pedestal-mount (with optional binnacle)
Lubber lines 3 lubber lines at 45°
Compensation Supplied as standard. 
Lighting 12-24 V LED
Supplied with Sunshield and protective cover, drilling template.
Homologation SOLAS-MED 96/98

Technical documentation & diagrams

  • Drilling template - Scale : 1 x 1 Drilling template - Scale : 1 x 1 Download

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Olympic 135 compass

Sailboats 9 m and above. Compass for steering console or steering wheel pedestal. SOLAS