Offshore 135 compass

Powerboats of 10 m and above (33 ft +).
The famous XXL Offshore compass with built-in articulated hood, mounted on most dayboats,RIB's, power cruisers and catamaran..
Flush- or bracketmount, it adapts to all steering pods or dashboards and offers optimal readability.
Magnetic cell consruction for added resistance to vibrations and hull pounding.

SOLAS-MED approved : equally suitable for professional fishing boats & commercial vessels.
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Mounting Colour Card Ref. Balanced for
Flushmount BLACK Black flat card 65350 World
Flushmount BLACK Black conical card 23484 Zone A *
Flushmount WHITE Black flat card 65524 World
Flushmount WHITE Black conical card 23493 Zone A *
Flushmount BLACK Black conical card 23485 Zone B **
Flushmount WHITE Black conical card 23494 Zone B **
Flushmount BLACK Black conical card 23486 Zone C ***
Flushmount WHITE Black conical card 23495 Zone C ***

To obtain a bracket-mount compass, please select a flushmount compass AND an optional bracket.

On flat card models : UNIVERSAL BALANCE, one single compass around the world.
On conical card models : choose your compass according to navigation area.

   * Zone A : North hemisphere (standard production = ref. 23484 or 23493)
 ** Zone B : South Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Central Pacific, Tahiti, Reunion Island.
*** Zone C : South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia.



Boat size Powerboats of 10 m and above (33 ft +)
Compass card

Graduated every 5°, apparent Ø 130 mm.
Heading numerals every 30°.

Hood/sunshade Articulated protective hood : built-in sliding cover, composed of 3 telescopic parts. 
Mounting Comes as standard in a flushmount version.
Can be bracket-mounted with the addition of optional bracket.
Resistance to shocks 
and hull pounding
Magnetic cell mounted on shock absorbers.
Lubber line 1 lubber line
Compensation Supplied as standard
Lighting 12-24 V LED
Approval/homologation  SOLAS-MED 96/98

The optional bracket brings additional mounting possibilities, either on a horizontal surface avoiding to cut the instrument panel, or on a vertical bulkhead.
The bracket slides onto a fixing plate, allowing easy removal after use for complete security from theft.

Beyond a simple aesthetic preference, the bracket mounting also offers the extra advantage of isolating the compass from the dashboard, thus reducing the potential interference created by other instruments and metallic objects.


BLACK bracket for Offshore 135 Ref. 17260 
WHITE bracket for Offshore 135  Ref. 17262

To obtain a bracket-mount compass, please order a flushmount compass AND a bracket.
Bracket kit includes actual bracket and bespoke screws.

Built-in articulated hood : slide it gradually on the compass to match the light environment and avoid glare on the dome.
When totally shut, your compass is perfectly protected.

Technical documentation & diagrams

  • Drilling template - Scale : 1 x 1 Drilling template - Scale : 1 x 1 Download

Official documents

  • EU Certificate_Offshore 135 compass-flat card EU Certificate_Offshore 135 compass-flat card Download

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