Offshore 55 compass

Ideal on small size power boats up to 6 m (20 ft).

Bracket-mount : Large stable base absorbs vibrations, simply screwed on dashboard.

Card : Contributes to safety and provides reliable reading, whatever the ambiant light and weather/navigation conditions (conical card, perfectly stable, 55 mm apparent diameter).

Moulded-in notch to visualise heading easily.

Materials : All parts fully UV-ray treated. Scratch resistant dome.


Watertight construction : One-piece moulded flange and bowl. Diaphragm for absolute watertightness.



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Model Version Ref.
OFFSHORE 55 Black card, black flange 63854
OFFSHORE 55 White card, white flange 63855

Un compas* magnétique est OBLIGATOIRE en navigation côtière à partir de 2 MN d'un abri (Division 240 en vigueur depuis le 1er Mai 2015)
*ou un système satellitaire


Boat size Powerboats up to 6 metres (20 ft).
Compass card Conical card graduated every 5°, apparent Ø 55 mm. Heading numerals every 30°
Mounting Bracket-mount, on a horizontal, tilted or vertical surface. 
 Reading 1 moulded-in notch to visualise heading easily.
 Compensation Optional (access by removing the top flange)
 Lighting Optional : 12/24 V LED bulb. Access by removing the top flange.
 Supplied with Orientable installation base and screws. 

Also available in Kayak version, with shock cords and hooks.

Technical documentation & diagrams