Olympic 115 compass

Sailboats 6 to 12 m (19 to 40 ft).
Highly stable and reliable reading, whatever the heeling angle and weather conditions. 
Flushmount on horizontal surface or tilted up to 45°. Compact design and deck-hugging profile.
Binnacle mount optional.
All parts fully UV-treated and scratch resistant dome.

SOLAS-MED approved : equally suitable for professional fishing boats and commercial vessels.
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Mounting Colour Card Ref.
Flushmount, horizontal BLACK Black flat card 60997
Flushmount, horizontal BLACK Black conical card 60913
Flushmount, horizontal WHITE Black flat card 60996
Flushmount, horizontal WHITE Black conical card 60912
Flushmount, horizontal WHITE White conical card 61205
Flushmount, tilted 45° max. BLACK Black conical card 60999
Flushmount, tilted 45° max WHITE Black conical card 60998

UNIVERSAL BALANCE : around the world with one single compass.


   OLYMPIC 115
Boat size  Sailboat 6 to 12 m (19 to 40 ft).
Compass card

Conical or flat card graduated every 5°, apparent Ø 101 mm. 
Heading numerals every 30°.

  • Flushmount : on a horizontal or inclined surface, 45° max.
  • Binnacle available as option.
Lubber line 3 lubber lines at 45°.
Compensation Included as standard feature, except on inclined model (45°max).
Lighting 1 LED bulb 12/24V, supplied as standard.
Supplied with Protective cover, screws, drilling template.
Homologation SOLAS-MED 96/98.

Viton® diaphragm with extreme expansion and retraction capacity :
compensates the fluctuations in fluid volume caused by differences in temperature and atmospheric pressure, preventing the formation of bubbles.

Watertight construction  :   one-piece moulded flange and bowl.

Tunnel rods provide easy access to compensators through the binnacle.

1 LED bulb 

Technical documentation & diagrams

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