Compasses, Electronics & Navigation
Compasses, Electronics & Navigation

Keep on the right course : Plastimo compasses are the flagship range and come in more than  30 models and mounting versions. Indispensable at the chart table : Advansea logs, depth sounders, anemometers and GPS, binoculars, barometers and radios.

Range overview

AdvanSea Electronics

Y adaptor

Y adaptor for 8-pin Speed plug to 6-pin Depth plug and 6-pin transducer plug.
For instruments T.50, T.56, C.56.

4m extension cable

4m extension cable from 6-pin transducer plug to 6-pin instrument plug.
For instrument C.56. 

GPS antenna

GPS antenna with cable and BNC plug for intruments T.50, T.56, C.56

Antenna mounting base

Antenna mounting base for instruments T.50, T.56, C56.

Protective cover

Protective cover for instruments T.50, T.56, C.56. 

Swivelling mounting bracket

Swivelling mounting bracket for instruments T.50, T.56, C.56.

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