Compasses, Electronics & Navigation

Compasses, Electronics & Navigation

Keep on the right course : Plastimo compasses are the flagship range and come in more than  30 models and mounting versions. Indispensable at the chart table : Advansea logs, depth sounders, anemometers and GPS, binoculars, barometers and radios.

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Echofish 400

This innovative fish finder offer all the features of an installed fishfinder, but with the benefit of portability. The Echofish 400 will provide accurate information whatever the application : in a kayak, a boat or from the shore.

Echotest II depth sounder

Small handheld depth sounder, of extremely simple operation, particularly intented for pneumatic or dinghy sailors. Equally useful to scubadivers : it gives depth indication relative to the bottom, distance to a rock or to an underwater quay.  Totally waterproof, the Echotest II sounds up to 80 metres, and can be used at a maximum depth of 50 metres. Echotest operates only when immersed.

Echofish 820

Echofish fixed fishfinder with large TFT LCD display, 65536 colours & résolution 480 x 272 pixels.

Floating/transom sensor

Spare floating/transom sensor. Supplied with 8-m cable and fixing bracket.

Echofish 300

Compact and handy, the Echofish 300 is available in handheld or floating sensor versions.