Echotest II depth sounder

Ref: 38074

Small handheld depth sounder, of extremely simple operation, particularly intented for pneumatic or dinghy sailors. Equally useful to scubadivers : it gives depth indication relative to the bottom, distance to a rock or to an underwater quay.  Totally waterproof, the Echotest II sounds up to 80 metres, and can be used at a maximum depth of 50 metres. Echotest operates only when immersed.


• Frequency : 200 kHz.
• Depth range : from 1 m to 80 m (3 to 240 ft).
• Display : LCD, 7 segments, LED backlighting.
• Power supply : rated for 500 readings from one 9V alkaline battery (6 F 22).
• Consumption : 70 mA.
• Waterproof up to 50 m depth.
• Dimensions : Ø 42 x Length 198 mm.
• Weight : 300 g.

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« Equally suitable for diving applications, the Echotest is a real impulse depth sounder watertight to 50 m in a robust casing. (…) Very easy to use : just dip the instrument in the water vertically for a few seconds, with the power switch on. Depth is shown in metres on the LCD display.
We checked the indication vs. the data from our regular depth sounder : the Echotest depth indication reflects reality perfectly »