Compasses, Electronics & Navigation
Compasses, Electronics & Navigation

Keep on the right course : Plastimo compasses are the flagship range and come in more than  30 models and mounting versions. Indispensable at the chart table : Advansea logs, depth sounders, anemometers and GPS, binoculars, barometers and radios.

Rules and dividers

Cras navigation plotter

Black or red graduations, 2 scales. 38 x 10 cm. Made in France

Nautical plotter

Extremely simple to use, with easy to follow legend. Its fixed silk-screened graduations ensure many years of accurate reading.
Dimensions : 33 x 12 cm.

Traditional British dividers

Polished brass with stainless steel tips. Straight or single handed type.

Square protractor

Traditional square pattern navigational protractor.  Can also be used as a simple parallel rule and plotter.
Supplied in card wallet with instructions.

Triangular protractor

Plot course and distance, celestial LOPs or true bearings.
Graduated in cm along its hypotenuse, in degrees on the two other sides.
Dimension along hypotenuse : 25 cm.

Holder for dividers

PVC holder for single handed dividers up to 20 cm length.

Parallel rules

Tough navigation instrument with non-slip rubber pads. Captain Fields design

One-arm protractor

Single arm plotter to take and transfer position lines and bearings

Rapporteur Topo

La fenêtre tournante laisse apparaître la lecture de la route toujours droit vers l’oeil, même pour les routes Sud.


Règle polyvalente pour tous les navigateurs. 
Elle associe la Règle Jean CRAS Bicolore au Rapporteur TOPO. 

Règle Jean Cras évolution

Une version moderne de la célèbre règle de navigation inventée par l’Amiral Jean Cras en 1917. 

Calculateur de hauteur de marée

Permet de connaître en quelques secondes, sans calcul ni risque d’erreur, les variations de hauteur de la marée selon la règle des douzièmes.

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