Deck Equipment & Rigging Hardware
Deck Equipment & Rigging Hardware

A well organized deck and rigging are key to a safe, fluid and efficient manoeuvre or sail handling  : XM sheets and halyards, Plastimo headsail reefing, Barton blocks and Clamcleat cleats, deck hardware and vents…

Range overview

Blocks (Barton)

Mast foot organiser

Mast foot organiser with 4 swivel posts for use with clevis pin blocks. Rope Ø 12 mm max.

Stanchion lead blocks

Blocks for Ø 25 mm stanchions.  4 sizes, single or double sheave, for rope Ø 8 to 12 mm. 

Triple blocks

Reverse shackle, reverse shackle/becket, swivel and swivel/becket.

Fiddle blocks

Reverse shackle, Swivel, Swivel/becket, Swivel variloc/becket/cam.

Double blocks

Fixed eye, fixed eye/becket, reverse shackle, reverse shackle/ringot, swivel, swivel/becket and upright.

Dinghy block with fixed eye

For rope Ø 8 mm max. St. steel cheeks and resin sheave. Multiple dinghy and industrial applications.


Swivel, swivel/becket or snap shackle. Technology : plain sheave or ball bearings.

Cam blocks

Single block : swivel/becket/cam. Fiddle block : swivel/becket/cam. Fiddle block : snap shckle/becket/cam.Technology : plain sheave or ball bearings.

Single blocks

Upright, Upright with fairlead and stand-up.

Single blocks

Snap shackle and Snap shackle/becket.

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