Deck Equipment & Rigging Hardware
Deck Equipment & Rigging Hardware

A well organized deck and rigging are key to a safe, fluid and efficient manoeuvre or sail handling  : XM sheets and halyards, Plastimo headsail reefing, Barton blocks and Clamcleat cleats, deck hardware and vents…

Range overview

Bolts and pad-eyes

Wichard watertight U-bolt

316 L AISI stainless steel U-bolt, Wichard patented. Black rubber collar for watertightness. 

Wichard U-bolt

316 L st.steel U-bolt, supplied with 2 plates and 2 nuts.

Wichard eye nut & eye bolt

316 L st. steel, one-piece forged eye bolt for safer fastenings.

Folding pad eye, Wichard

Single pad eye, 2- or 3 securing points. Hot forged 316 L st. steel (Wichard). ISO 15085 compliant

Round U-bolt

304 stainless steel U-bolt with loose plate.

Female eye nut

316 stainless steel.

Triangular U-bolt

Highly polished 316 stainless steel.

Barton double folding pad eye

Marine grade stainless steel. Anti-vibration rubber pads.

Double folding pad eye, Wichard

Wichard 316 L dropforged st. steel. Solution attachment for several stays, blocks or jib tack point.

Eye bolt

Polished AISI 316 stainless steel.

Wichard female eye nut

316 L st. steel.

Folding pad eye for backstay adjuster

For backstay adjuster : 316 L dropforged stainless steel. ISO 15085 compliant