Deck Equipment & Rigging Hardware
Deck Equipment & Rigging Hardware

A well organized deck and rigging are key to a safe, fluid and efficient manoeuvre or sail handling  : XM sheets and halyards, Plastimo headsail reefing, Barton blocks and Clamcleat cleats, deck hardware and vents…



The Boomstrut is a system designed to support the boom.
Boomstrut benefits
• Supports the boom at all times.
• Prevents accidents when the topping lift is incorrectly set or adjusted.
• Safer sail handling in bad weather or when sailing short handed (reefing, raising or lowering mainsail).
• Lightweight, saves windage aloft.
• Immediate smooth response. No adjustments needed.
• No requirement for a topping lift; it provides an additional mainsail halyard.
• Fits all types of mast and boom extrusions, and can be easily shorten by simple cutting with a fine-toothed hacksaw.

Quality construction
The Boomstrut comes in a complete kit ready to install and utilises
your current kicking strap tackle. Boomstrut kit features:
• 2 coated flexible fibreglass rods giving sufficient back pressure to support the boom and mainsail.
• High quality Spectro anodised aluminium mast and boom fittings.
• Stainless steel fastenings.
No servicing requirements. Carefully constructed to eliminate sharp edges and save damage to sails.

Operating principle
The 2 fibreglass rods are designed to have enough back pressure to support the weight of both boom and mainsail.