Deck Equipment & Rigging Hardware
Deck Equipment & Rigging Hardware

A well organized deck and rigging are key to a safe, fluid and efficient manoeuvre or sail handling  : XM sheets and halyards, Plastimo headsail reefing, Barton blocks and Clamcleat cleats, deck hardware and vents…

Deck fillers

Buoyancy tank drain plug

Polyamide drain plug with captive cap.

316 st. steel deck fillers

316 st. steel deck filler for water, waste, petrol or diesel.

Chrome-plated bronze deck fillers

Cap with locking lever.

Round polyamide drainsockets

Round polyamide drainsockets with O-ring.

Spare plugs for polyamide drainsockets

Spare plugs for small polyamide drainsockets.

Oval polyamide drainsockets

Oval drainsockets in black or white polyamide, with O-ring.

Deck filler keys

6 models of deck filler keys : flat keys or keys with star/winch footprint.

Drainsocket for double-wall hull

White polyamide drainsocket, screw-type, for double-wall hull construction.

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