Econab deck filler

Ref: 58556
Anti-overflow, environmentfriendly deck filler.
Designed to prevent fuel spillage through a boats vent hole. Complies with EN ISO 11105 standards on fuel engine compartments and/ or fuel tanks ventilation.

• Environment-friendly : avoids spillage.
• Prevents vapours and stains.
• Can be fitted to all types of boats, either new or second hand.
• Features an anti-theft device.
• Can replace any standard deck filler.
• Corrosion-free : aluminium filler with anodised coating.

·   Thinner flange with deck-hugging profile.

·   Lighter in weight : weighs approx. 700 g.

·   Anti-theft device incorporated in the filler body



Ref. 58556
ECONAB Diesel filler

Vent installation with Econab.
The Econab installation must respect the initial circuit route, preserving the A and B dimensions.
The vent connections must be positioned on the opposite side of the thru-hull vent.

"Bateau Bleu" is the eco-concept created by the French Marine Industries Federation.
It is designed to promote products that combine performance features with environment-friendly characteristics, for a greener recreational boating.