Built-in textile clutches CONSTRICTOR®

Built-in textile clutches Constrictor®. 

Three times lighter, twice the breaking load of conventional metal clutches, constrictor® opens a new era for sailing deck hardware for racing and also cruising.


Ref. Model Break load Weight Sleeve's length
67260 Built-in Constrictor® 6 750 (Ø6) - 450 (Ø5) daN 155 g 55 cm
67261 Built-in Constrictor® 8 1150 (Ø8) - 700 (Ø6) daN 160 g 60 cm
67262 Built-in Constrictor® 10 2200 (Ø10) - 1200 (Ø8) daN 165 g 60 cm
67263 Built-in Constrictor® 12 2800 (Ø12) - 1500 (Ø10) daN 335 g 75 cm
67264 Built-in Constrictor® 14 3700 (Ø14) - 1800 (Ø12) daN 345 g 75 cm


Extremely simple and totally efficient, this system uses the principle of squeezing capacity offered by braided sleeves.

As the line comes under load it is instantly squeezed by the Aramid Technora® sock. The more the tension, the more it holds.

The rope is not pressed between two metallic parts as with conventional clutches: It is not distorted, subject to wear or chafe. It is released by simply retracting the sleeve, which is easy even under heavy load.