Soft shackle loops (Dyneema™)

Building on their intensive use on racing boats, soft shackle loops are increasingly found on cruising boats where they tend to replace metal shackles.
Dyneema™ is a hi-tech fibre offering one of the best resistance/lightweight/softness ratios.


Ref. Size SWL* Units in box
63834 Ø 3 mm, length 80 mm 250 kg x 2
63835 Ø 4 mm, length 100 mm 500 kg x 2
63836 Ø 5 mm, length 120 mm 650 kg x 2
63837 Ø 6 mm, length 140 mm 1000 kg x 2
63838 Ø 8 mm, length 150 mm 1650 kg x 1

Dyneema™ is a registered trade mark of DSM


For an equivalent resistance, a Dyneema™ shackle loop is 5 to 10 times lighter in weight than a stainless steel shackle and features extra benefits :

  • silent manoeuvres, no rattling, reduced risk of injury if it strikes a crewmember, 
  • no risk to loose the shackle axis, no blocked shackle due to corrosion,
  • flexes and twists : when attaching a block to a fixed element (pad eye, boom), the soft shackle allows the block to rotate freely where a metal shackle would not.