Deck Equipment & Rigging Hardware
Deck Equipment & Rigging Hardware

A well organized deck and rigging are key to a safe, fluid and efficient manoeuvre or sail handling  : XM sheets and halyards, Plastimo headsail reefing, Barton blocks and Clamcleat cleats, deck hardware and vents…


Gate-type stanchion

316 stainless steel stanchion, Ø 25 mm. ISO 15085 compliant.

Stainless steel stanchions

Ø 25 mm stanchions in 315 stainless steel. ISO 15085 compliant.

Stanchion socket with pad-eye plate

Stainless steel socket for stanchion Ø 25 mm. With pad-eye plate.

Stanchion lead blocks

Blocks for Ø 25 mm stanchions.  4 sizes, single or double sheave, for rope Ø 8 to 12 mm. 

Stanchion cleat

Stainless steel + glass-filled polyamide cleat, for stanchion or pushpit Ø 20 to 30 mm.

Stanchion bullseye

For furling line Ø 17 mm max. Fits over stanchions and rails Ø 20 to 25 mm.

Leather protection for guardrail & stanchion

Grey leather protections to sew on stanchion head or guardrail junction, to avoid sail damage by chafing.

Spreader and stanchion boots

White PVC anti-chafe covers for cross trees and stanchion heads.