609 jib reefing : for boats 6 to 9 m (20-30 ft)

Reefing drum features highly resistant stainless steel and Delrin® ball bearings. Halyard swivel features Torlon® and Delrin® ball bearings which enhances the overall performance and increases the mechanical resistance.

  • Max. headsail size : 25m²
  • Drum sheet capacity : 13 m. Ø 6 mm



Ref. Model Version
58202 609-S Chainplates mounting
58203 609-S Turnbuckle mounting
58207 609-T Chainplates mounting
58208 609-T Turnbuckle mounting

Delrin® is a registered trademark of Dupont Polymers. Torlon® is a registered trademark of Solvay.


The 609 drum cheeks swivel through 360°, ensuring safe manoeuvres through a smooth and regular feeding of the tiller rope. These cheeks protect the reefing drum efficiently and the round unobtrusive design, combined with recessed screws, allow the free running of the ropes.

Model 609-S 609-S 609-T 609-T



Ref. 58202 58203 58207 58208

Supplied complete for forestay:

  • Chainplates version
  • Turnbuckle version

9.40 m

9.55 m 

8.95 m

9.10 m 
 Finished luffrope Ø  6.5 mm  6.5 mm  5 mm  5 mm

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Technical documentation & diagrams

Plastimo tips & tricks

Chainplates or turnbuckle ?

  • Most sailing boats are equipped with chainplates to fasten the forestay to the stem fitting. Chainplates come with several holes which facilitates the adjustment of the standing rigging. The use of chainplates also allows to position the tack point as low as possible.
  • The turnbuckle version allows for more accurate rigging adjustments. However, the tack point will have to be positionned slightly higher depending on the turnbuckle size.

Which jib reefing size for my boat ?

Plastimo proposes 3 models to fit all sailboats from 4 to 11 metres. While the boat length is important, you must also consider the forestay diameter and the headsail size. For example, in the case of a 6-metre boat, the 406 model will offer the best compromise. However, if the headsail size is much larger than the maximum sail area recommended, selecting a 609 model is a better option.

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