Easyfit lifejacket

Short on chest for added comfort when sitting.
Slip-over design fits all body shapes and sizes.
Equally comfortable for male and female wearers. Provides total agility and freedom of movement, weight-free on the neck : 
Easyfit is 30 % lighter than most equivalent lifejackets.

  • 165_N


Ref. Model
66008 Easyfit no harness, manual, no crutchstrap
66009 Easyfit with harness, manual, with crutchstrap


Comfort & ergonomy
• Provides total agility and freedom of movement, weight-free on the neck.
• Lightweight : Easyfit is 30 % lighter than most equivalent lifejackets.
• Balanced construction : gas bottle, oral inflation tube and whistle are positioned at the centre of the jacket (+ location for optional flashlight and distress beacon) :
the weight is centered.
• CO2 bottle is horizontal below the sternum, more comfortable than vertical along your chest curves.
• Ideal on a sailing jacket : no extra thickness in the neck, that would add to the thickness of the hood folded in the collar.
• Stylish design : tailored with modern lines in harmonizing grey and white shades.

Easy to operate
• Easy to don and belt-adjust. The jacket just fits naturally on your shoulder curves.
• Easy to keep-up : rinsing, drying and folding are much easier.
• Space saving : jacket stores flat, very practical in lockers or when stowed at home for wintering.

& recommended

Rated 150 N, actual buoyancy 165 N.
Turns wearer in upright position.
Sail or power cruising, day outings,(Not suitable for intensive professional use).


• Outer side in abrasion resistant certified material. Velcro closure.
• Large flap over shoulder blades becomes a cushion to support the head when inflated.
• Waistbelt : polypropylene buckle + 40 mm wide polyester strap (fits waistline 60 to 130 cm). Two 40 mm straps in the back help keep the lifejacket properly positioned when inflated.

Inflated lifejacket

• Yellow polyurethane, 33 g CO2 gas inflation bottle.
• Visibility : strap to secure flashlight (optional) + 300 cm² retro-reflective tapes.
• Oral inflation tube, whistle.

Official documents

  • EU Certificate_Easyfit Lifejacket EU Certificate_Easyfit Lifejacket Download
  • EU Compliance Statement_Easyfit Lifejacket EU Compliance Statement_Easyfit Lifejacket Download
  • EU Certificate_Harness on Easyfit Lifejacket EU Certificate_Harness on Easyfit Lifejacket Download

Plastimo tips & tricks

As with all lifejackets, Plastimo recommends to check regularly for potential wear and tear signs and to check the firing system at regular intervals.

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