BTP inflator with manometer

Ref: 62262

Can inflate or deflate any medium size boat, kite or SUP.

  • Easy selection of desired pressure with manometer. 
  • Safe : stops automatically at selected pressure.

Includes nozzle fittings, crocodile clips, 1.7 m hose and 3 m cable.

  • CE


Piston flow rate 160 L/min
Turbine flow rate 450 L/min
Pressure 1 bar - 14.5 psi
Consumption 20 Amp

The addition of the Ni/Mh battery kit provides full mobility for 40 minutes.
Can also be powered from the board battery using the alligator clamps (included).

  • Easy access to exhaust air filter for cleaning or replacement.
  • Shoulder bag included
  • Dimensions : 25 x 9 x 9 cm
  • Weight : 1.5 kg

Technical documentation & diagrams

Plastimo tips & tricks

Recommended pressure :

  • For tender’s tube = 300 mBar.
  • For inflatable floor = 800 mBar, the correct pressure for required rigidity of the floor and optimum performance of the tender.

Inflate the floor normally until pumping becomes difficult, giving clear indication that you should switch to the second chamber which will provide the extra pressure required (see pump instructions manual).

Remember to ease the pressure if you leave your boat inflated on a hot day, to prevent potential distortion due to volume fluctuation caused by the heat.