Adjustable harness 1 - Adult

Webbing harness with adjustable waistband and shoulderstraps.

  • Single tether with 2 hooks on model 31546.
  • Attachment point for tether : 2 textile loops.
  • Shoulder straps and waistband in different colours, to facilitate donning.
  • Optional leg strap, ref. 31559.
  • Selection of tethers available for ref. 31547.
Webbing 50 mm wide.
  • HARNAIS_ISO_12401


Size Harness features Ref.
Adult Adjustable waistband, with single tether + 2 snap hooks 31546
Adult Adjustable waistband (no tether included) 31547

Plastimo tips & tricks

Try your harness on : 
A safety harness is a personal piece of equipment : the straps must be perfectly adjusted to your body size. Try it on, adjust it, get to recognise every strap.

Keep your harness in good shape : 
A safety harness is a fundamental piece of equipment for your safety : as opposed to a lifejacket, on which buoyancy can be tested and possible ageing signs are visible, a harness can loose some of its original qualities without there being any visible signs.

• Rinse it with fresh water after use
• Check the seams regularly
• Never store it in a damp locker
• Discard and replace systematically a harness showing evidence of wear and tear or a harness which has been submitted to tension. We recommend that racers should replace their harness every year, in view of their intensive use and exposure to UV-rays.
• Never use a harness for any other purpose than the one which it is designed for.