Life flag

Photoluminescent and fluorescent : visible at any time night or day, the Life Flag enables a quick and effective location. Available in distress and diving flag.

  • Innovative process

Photoluminescence process combined with fluorescence optimizes the location by night or day, in all weather conditions. 5 minutes exposure to a bright light = 8 hours of photoluminescence.

  • Benefits

Safety : excellent visibility by night or day, immediate spotting even from airplane.
Easy to use : quick and easy fastening with shock cords, fully operational when flat or hoisted.
Economic and eco-friendly : durable safety equipment, recyclable. No other energy source required other than light.
Quality : made in France, non-polluting manufacturing process with solvent-free, water based printing paste. French patent. LNE certificate.


Ref. Model
61689 International maritime distress flag
61690 Saint- Andrew’s cross


Model International maritime distress flag Diving flag with Saint-Andrew’s cross
Ref. 61689 61690
Dimensions 75 x 112 cm 30 x 40 cm
Weight < 320 g < 50 g
Material Blocked mesh polyester fabric, 130 g/m² Blocked mesh polyester fabric, 130 g/m²
Strap Tunnel strap (Life Flag exclusivity) Tunnel strap (Life Flag exclusivity)
Supplied Supplied with 4 shock cords -
Reglementation Complies with OMI/RIPAM-IMO/COLREG
distress signals (flag with black ball)