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Happy boating starts with a nice rest in the cabin or a dinner with friends in the cockpit: a hob, a BBQ or an ice chest are absolutely instrumental to such enjoyable moments.

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Cool boxes

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CoolFreeze CFX coolers

New range of CFX3 compressor coolers. Even more strong and high-performing. Can be monitor via the CFX3 App. 36 to 65 L.

CoolFreeze CFF coolers

CFF Compressor coolers : cooling and freezing. Double-sides lid. 34 and 44 L.

TropiCool TCX coolers

21 and 33 l thermoelectric coolers : cooling (27° vs. ambient temp.) and heating / keeping warm (+65°)

CoolFreeze CFX coolers

32 & 46 L CFF compressor coolers: cooling and freezing. Sturdy construction & improved insulation.

Igloo® hard coolers

6 sizes of ice chests for fishing and day outing. 

Igloo® classic cooler

25 L capacity. MaxCold® insulation with 25% more foam. 

Igloo® fishing cooler

Designed for boating and water activities, these coolers keep drinks and snacks cold and your fishing fresh. MaxCold® insulation with 25% more foam. Include a full suite of marine-grade features. Non-corrosive hardware made to resist harsh marine conditions. Rugged, easy to clean exterior, mildewproof and antimicrobial.

Igloo® soft cooler

Cooler bag, ligtweight & marine grade.

Fresh bottles bag

Net mesh bag carries 3 bottles or 8 cans in cold sea water, attached to the boat with rope. Easy, economical and environment friendly. 

Seat cushions for Igloo coolers

Seat cushions for Igloo coolers Marine Ultra 72 & 94.

Latch for Igloo® cooler

Hybrid plastic/stainless steel latch for Igloo® cooler.
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