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Life on Board

Happy boating starts with a nice rest in the cabin or a dinner with friends in the cockpit: a hob, a BBQ or an ice chest are absolutely instrumental to such enjoyable moments.

Refrigeration units

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ColdMachine 50 cooling units

Standard range, 50 series : capacity up to 130 L.
For use in COOL WATERS. 

ColdMachine 80 cooling units

Professional range, 80 series : capacity up to 250 L.

Evaporators for ColdMachine, Series 50

3 models / shapes of evaporators for SERIES 50 cooling units.
Includes LED thermostat. 

Evaporators for ColdMachine, Series 80

3 models / shapes of evaporators for SERIES 80 cooling units.
Includes LED thermostat. 

ColdMachine packages (cooling unit + evaporator)

2 packages, ready-to-install (Cooling unit + Evaporator), meet the requirements of most set-ups

Mains adaptors

To connect 12/24 V cooling appliances to 110-240 V mains systems.