Life on Board
Life on Board

Happy boating starts with a nice rest in the cabin or a dinner with friends in the cockpit: a hob, a BBQ or an ice chest are absolutely instrumental to such enjoyable moments.

Radio on board : Bluetooth & USB

Bluetooth and USB radios and loud speakers. USB waterproof chargers and cables.

Bluetooth speakers

Master/Slave Bluetooth speakers. 
Available in 2 colors : white and black.  

80 W speaker, white

80 W speaker, white. IPX6.

Waterproof on board charge socket

Waterproof on board charge socket, dual USB.
Dual socket will connect and charge devices
including phones, tablets, chart plotters,…

Lightning to USB cable

Charge/ Sync. cables, 100% waterproof. For use with iPad, iPhone & iPod.

waterproof double USB plug low profile

Double waterproof USB plug IPX6

USB socket Black 5A

USB socket Black 5A, with or without light.

Tube D1 spotlight + USP port

12 V adjustable spotlight with rocker switch and integrated USB port. Aluminium housing.