Plastic oar collar

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).
For easier fitting, submerse the collar in soapy water.

2 units per pack.


Ref. Ø Colour
64246 30 mm Black
64247 44 mm Black
64248 47 mm Grey


Ref. Ø Length Flange width Colour Suitable for
64246 30 mm 88 mm 50 mm Black Newborne : ref. 16561 & 16562
64247 44 mm 115 mm 70 mm Black Brittania : ref. 10162 to 10170
64248 47 mm 150 mm 70 mm Grey Brittania : ref. 10171 & 22745

Plastimo tips & tricks

Wood is a natural material, its volume may fluctuate slightly and impact the position of the oar collar.

If the oar collar remains loose on the oar or paddle shaft, the easiest is to secure it with little brass nails.
If the oar collar is too rigid and tight and does not slide over the shaft, immerse the oar collar in soapy hot water to soften for a few minutes. The oar collar will then slide easily on the shaft and you will be able to secure it at the right place using little brass nails.