Mooring & Tenders
Mooring & Tenders

Having a swim, coming back to the club house,  having a rest in a creek… mooring is always an enjoyable moment, provided your boat is correctly protected and secured : anchors, windlasses, fenders, mooring buoys, bathing ladders, tenders…

Range overview

Anchors & Grapnels

Anchors and Grapnels

Britany® anchor

The Britany is the only flat anchor with a shank designed not to foul.

Soc® anchor

Plough anchor, available in hot dipped galvanised steel.

Flat anchor

Most popular type of anchor.

Hot galvanised steel.

Kobra® anchor

The Kobra anchor bites into the seabed within seconds and has a very high holding power..

Guardian® anchor

The Guardian anchor is constructed from aluminium/magnesium alloy and is impervious to corrosion.

Grip anchor

Hot galvanised steel.

Fortress® anchor

A worldwide reputation : the legendary Fortress, unanimously claimed no.1 in terms of performance, quality and value.
Disassembly feature combined with lightweight make it easy to handle by any crewmember.

Exclusively on Fortress : the flukes can be adjusted from the normal 32° angle to 45°, to increase holding power in soft mud bottoms by as much as 400 %.

FHD anchor

Galvanised and 316 st. steel anchor.

DC anchor

Plough anchor with high holding power.
The shaft shape and broad-shoulder flukes combined with a weighted tip contribute to a low gravity point, providing self launching performance and instant setting.
Adapts naturally to a bow roller.