Mooring & Tenders
Mooring & Tenders

Having a swim, coming back to the club house,  having a rest in a creek… mooring is always an enjoyable moment, provided your boat is correctly protected and secured : anchors, windlasses, fenders, mooring buoys, bathing ladders, tenders…

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Anchors and Grapnels
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Britany® anchor

The Britany is the only flat anchor with a shank designed not to foul.

Kobra® anchor

The Kobra anchor bites into the seabed within seconds and has a very high holding power..

Fortress® anchor

Corrosion-proof alloy. High holding power + weight saving. Lifetime warranty.

Guardian® anchor

The Guardian anchor is constructed from aluminium/magnesium alloy and is impervious to corrosion.

Grip anchor

Hot galvanised steel.

Flat anchor

Most popular type of anchor.

Hot galvanised steel.

DC anchor

Plough anchor with high holding power.
The shaft shape and broad-shoulder flukes combined with a weighted tip contribute to a low gravity point, providing self launching performance and instant setting.
Adapts naturally to a bow roller.

Mushroom anchor

Blue PVC coated metal. Ideal for small crafts like kayak, tenders… It offers excellent holding power in the mud or fine sand. The mud or fine sand comes into the cup tough the holes, the anchor works as a sucker.

FHD anchor

Galvanised or 316 stainless steel anchor, from 2 to 30 kg for max boat size 19 m. 

Soc® anchor

Plough anchor, available in hot dipped galvanised steel.

Storage bag for Fortress anchor

Storage bag for Fortress anchor