Options & spares


Ref. Description Version
36932 Spare stand-offs, st. steel (x 2) Ø 22 mm.
12563 Stand-off extensions, st. steel (x 2) Length 120 mm, Ø 25 mm. To increase the length of stand-offs in order to incline the ladder slightly and thus facilitate climbing back on board.
12587 St. steel brackets for stand-offs (x 2) For tube Ø 22 mm. Same use as above.
12586 St. steel brackets for stand-off extensions (x 2) For tube Ø 25 mm. If your ladder is fixed permanently, these plates offer 4 fixing points,so as to have a better rigidity of the whole set.
27073 Fixing plates with trunnion nut, for brackets 12586 & 12587 Allow ladder to be mounted and removed easily.
58835 Grey step, fixed For ladder tube Ø 22 mm, width 295 mm
15680 Grey step, adjustable horizontally For ladder tube Ø 22 mm, width 295 mm (End-pieces and screws included)