Mooring & Tenders
Mooring & Tenders

Having a swim, coming back to the club house,  having a rest in a creek… mooring is always an enjoyable moment, provided your boat is correctly protected and secured : anchors, windlasses, fenders, mooring buoys, bathing ladders, tenders…

Range overview

Mooring ropes & anchoring lines

Octoplait polyester line

Designed for good looks on big yachts. High stretching capacity. 

3-strand polyester line

Flexible and easy to splice, even soaked.

3-plait polyamide anchoring line

Abrasion and UV resistant anchoring rope. High shock absorption capacity.

3-plait multifilament polypropylene mooring line

Buoyant and light. Fully hydrophobic.

Very flexible. Spliceable.

Braided polyester docking rope

Very flexible polyester rope. Ideal for dock mooring.

Double braid polyester rope

Flexible and aesthetic rope, ideal for dock mooring.

HR 3-strand polyamide rope

Polyamide rope for high durability.

3-plait blue monofilament polypropylene rope

Buoyant and lightweight. Perfect for fishing.

3-strand Marina line (docking)

Ready to use polyester line with one spliced loop end. Ideal for docking. 

16-plait Marina line (docking)

Ready to use polyester docking line. One end with 30 cm spliced loop.

Mooring & anchoring lines

7 m and 30 m mooring/anchoring lines with spliced end and nylon thimble.

3-strand polyester mooring lines

3-strand polyester, highly abrasion resistant.  One end with loop.

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