3-plait blue monofilament polypropylene rope

Buoyant and lightweight. Rot-proof and fully hydrophobic.

Blue colour, suitable for numerous applications on board and particularly for fishing.



Ref. Ø mm Colour Break load Weight/m Length
51434 6 Blue 600 kg 17 g 220 m
51435 8 Blue 1100 kg 30 g 220 m
51436 10 Blue 1600 kg 45 g 220 m
51437 12 Blue 2200 kg 65 g 220 m
51438 14 Blue 3100 kg 90 g 220 m

Technical documentation & diagrams

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Plastimo tips & tricks

Depending on knots and splicing, the breaking load may decrease by 20 to 50 %. Splice your ropes as often as you can, and thimble them especially if they are in contact with metallic parts.

To prolong your ropes lifetime and keep their mechanical characteristics, use mooring compensators to prevent abrasion and strain. During wintering, rinse out your ropes in fresh water and let them dry before stowing them.

A second anchoring is highly recommended to face strong gusts