Silent st. steel mooring spring


Ref. For boat Boat weight Stock Ø
67294 6 m 5000 kg 5 mm
67295 8 m 6000 kg 6 mm
67296 10 m 8000 kg 7 mm
67297 12 m 10000 kg 9 mm
67298 14 m 12000 kg 11 mm

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Rubber compensator

Made from EPDM rubber, impervious to UV rays and salt water.
Easy to fit, requires no extra fittings.

Galvanised st.steel mooring spring

Electro-galvanised steel.

Smart Snubber mooring compensator

The Smart Snubber offers an innovative mooring compensation solution. The assembling process is fast and easy and does not require any free end of the line. Handy and efficient, the Smart Snubber is made from a special polyurethane which provides stretchability and efficiency for many years. Just add some more Snubbers on the same line to adjust the compensation effect.

U-Cleat mooring compensator

Mooring compensator with removable locking mechanism.