Mooring & Tenders
Mooring & Tenders

Having a swim, coming back to the club house,  having a rest in a creek… mooring is always an enjoyable moment, provided your boat is correctly protected and secured : anchors, windlasses, fenders, mooring buoys, bathing ladders, tenders…

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Oars and paddles

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Paddle for SUP

Telescopic fiberglass paddle for SUP.

Kayak paddles

Lexan spoon-blades and aluminium shaft Ø 28 mm. Length 2.15 m or 2.26 m

Take-down kayak paddle

Comes apart for stowage. Orientable blades. Aluminium shaft, 40% fibreglass polypropylene blades

Telescopic paddle

Telescopic paddle. Aluminium handle, very light.

Plastic oar collar

Manchon en élastomère

Polyamide oarlocks

Oarlocks and sockets in black or white polyamide.

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